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Recent Release

My latest book A Warlord's Lady  was a finalist  in the ARRAwards for favourite paranormal romance.

 I am also pleased to announced that the cover for A Warlord's Lady won the RWA - Cover Love competition for Best Paranormal Romance cover - a credit to the amazing Cover Artists at Escape Publishing.

A Warlord's Lady is my first release with Harlequin Enterprises Escape Publishing.


Magic, murder and mayhem collide when an ordinary woman meets a powerful warlord — and writes a bestselling, tell-all book...

Eighteen fateful months ago, Sabra was kidnapped by the infamous magician warlord Cain Dath, and her body just won't let her forget. Hidden in the humid depths of the Laos jungle, she shared everything with him, but he never shared his heart.

In his position of power, Cain cannot show weakness. He must lead his people to freedom and no one — not even the woman he's fast becoming obsessed with — can stand in his way. 

Then Sabra sells her story of love slavery in a tell-all exposé and brings fame, fortune, and every one of his enemies down upon them both. Now, she is open to attack on all fronts, and he can no longer stay away. The man who enslaved her may well be the only man who can save her.

'This book is one of those books no fantasy or romance readers wants to miss... Sheridan is a gifted writer with a real knack for making a blievable plot with unbelievable twists. I can't say enough about Ms. Sheridan and this book. The writing was great with a smooth style and down to earth characters that are fun and believable. I didn't want to miss a page or even put the book down. I fully expect to see Sheridan on best seller lists in the future.' 
Five Stars.
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Current writing projects...

I have a lot of writing going on in other areas at the moment, and so progress on my latest WIP has been slow. Suffice to say, I hope to complete 'The Sworn Virgin' - a paranormal romance based in Albania some time this year. This has been a challenging write, which I hope will be worth it in the long run!

"You are now a Sworn Virgin,' Armend's voice echoed through the building with the finality of a book closing.
A stab of nearly physical pain wrenched through Zamira's belly.
It was done.
She glanced around the surrounding crowd, searching for denial, praying for salvation....

My second WIP, tentatively titled 'Big Girl ' is a lighter-hearted paranormal romance, which I really do wish I had more time to work on.

For a moment Dora imagined a life surrounded by people like her.
I could even get a boyfriend...
To date Eudora had been in love too many times to count, and yet never once had an actual boyfriend. It was not because shew as ugly. No. Her looks were striking, she'd even been asked to model as a teenager - before her size and musk became too much for most humans to accept. With high angular cheekbones, wide set, slanted blue eyes - her father often said she had 'a face that could launch a thousand ships.'
But he was a historian, and her dad so he had to say things like that didn't he?

Out and About... 

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Here are some of the other blog's I've visited;

Moonlight Momentum - where I discussed the connection between Romance writers and cats!

Creative Conversations - where I was interviewed by the lovely J'aimee Brooker and discussed everything from my beauty tips to my bucket list!

Escapades Blog - where I debated  in the 'Monster Off' arguing the sexiness of Magicians vs other mythological beasties in PNR and Fantasy. It was a lot of fun!

August 2013 - My friend and fellow author Shona Husk and I presented a session introducing attendees of the RWA Annual Conference in Fremantle, to a world of new and bizarre paranormal creatures from myth and legend.

Some of the creatures we encountered were, mosquito man, hombre gato, draugr, yowie, asiman and plenty more - and I don't think anyone expected to hear Rob Zombie at a Romance Writers Convention.

It was a great deal of fun. I'd like to thank all those who attended.
I also got to meet some wonderful reviewers, agents and publishers, it was all very exciting.

In March 2013 I headed over to Brisbane for the very fun Australian Romance Readers Convention. At the conference I did a reading from my most recent release,"Magical Redemption", which was very well received. I was also very fortunate to meet some truly lovely readers of romance and amazing authors. I can whole heartedly recommend any fan of romance joining this organisation

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